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Tresl, the new name for IFS

Since 2007, Innovative Funding Services, or IFS, has connected customers with beneficial auto finance resources as our way of helping them live independent, fulfilling lives. 

More importantly, IFS has always endeavored to support our customers’ financial decisions with efficient processes, informational advice, and compassionate service—we understand that an informed customer ultimately knows what’s best for their unique circumstances.

Today, we have decided that our name should more strongly reflect how we support our customers. 

As Tresl, we support your financial decisions. 

Like the supports of a bridge, we hold you up, connecting you with the resources you need.

Tresl is the ultimate auto finance support platform, providing connections to financial resources, end-to-end transactions, and a customer-centric experience.

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Bridging, Connecting, Supporting

Trestle [ˈtresəl] noun. — an open cross-braced framework used to support an elevated structure such as a bridge.