Explore Lease Buyout Loans through Tresl®

Lease buyout loans can be an affordable alternative to switching cars when your current lease runs out.

Explore Lease Buyout Loans through Tresl®

Lease buyout loans can be an affordable alternative to switching cars when your current lease runs out.

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Are you one of the hundreds of drivers who’s not ready to part ways with your leased car? Wouldn’t it be great to end your lease, but keep your car? You can. A lease buyout auto loan through Tresl can help you go from lessee to proud owner, and potentially save you money.

What Is a Lease Buyout?
If you like and want to keep your leased vehicle, you might have the option to purchase the car for the residual value. You may be eligible to buy your leased car only at the end of the lease term, or some leases allow you to exercise this option before the lease runs out. The purchase of a leased car is called a lease buyout.

What Is a Lease Buyout Loan?
A lease buyout loan enables you to finance the residual value of your leased car in order to purchase it from the car dealer or leasing company. (Remember, a lease is effectively a long-term car rental; the dealer or leasing company remains the car’s owner over the duration of a lease.) When you go the route of a lease buyout loan, you don’t pay the residual all at once. Instead, it’s paid off over installments. This allows you to keep your car while managing a smaller loan amount.

Benefits of a Lease Buyout Loan

Preserve your savings. You could buy out your lease in cash, however that may deplete your savings. A loan makes your path toward car ownership more manageable.
Freer driving. If your lease agreement allows for early termination through a buyout, you can free yourself from the restrictions (and penalty fees) often imposed by leases, such as mileage caps.
Stick with the car you’re in. You may even be able to lock in a new monthly payment that’s lower than what you paid for your lease.

Can I Buy Out My Car Lease? Refer to your lease contract to see if there is a lease buyout clause and, if so, what you’re eligible to do. This is where you’re also likely find the buyout price.

Buyout Price vs. Market Price
The buyout price is predetermined at the origination of the lease contract. This is important in today’s car market, where many used cars are selling at a premium. If your lease started a few years ago — before the average price of cars jumped amid the pandemic — then you may find that a buyout is a good value compared to the prospect of getting a different car based on today’s market pricing.

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Tresl has helped drivers make car ownership more affordable. Our staff of experienced loan specialists are here to guide you through the process of buying out your lease.

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