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How Our Service Protection Products Work

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Vehicle  Service Contracts

All vehicles are vulnerable to unexpected mechanical breakdowns. If the failed part is not covered under warranty, you are left paying for the repairs yourself. A vehicle service contract covers the cost of unexpected vehicle breakdown repairs. 

Road Hazard Protection

The wheels, tires, windshield, and body of your vehicle are always exposed to hazards on the road that can leave damage not covered by insurance. A Road Hazard Protection plan will cover repairs from the damage these hazards can cause

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GAP Coverage

During the life of a vehicle loan, it is common for the outstanding loan balance to be greater than the vehicle’s market value. If you find yourself in such a situation and your car happens to be totaled out, you may have to make payments on a car that no longer exists. Your insurance company may pay you the vehicle’s market value, but you are stuck paying the difference on the loan. GAP Coverage (Guaranteed Asset Protection) will ensure you don’t make payments on a car that no longer exists.

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