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We partner with industry-leading financial institutions, auto companies, and internet platforms. Learn more about how we build win-win-win auto finance partnerships for our customers, our partners, and Tresl.


Lending Partnerships

We partner with a diverse network of credit unions, banks, and other lending institutions to serve our customers’ auto financing needs. By partnering with Tresl, you will not only grow your auto portfolio but gain highly engaged, long-term customers. Our customer experience ensures a positive onboarding experience that builds loyalty for your services. Reach out if you represent a lending institution interested in creating an auto finance partnership!

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Referral Partnerships

Many of our customers come to us based on referrals from industry-leading web platforms, corporations, and affiliate organizations. When we enter into a referral partnership, we have two goals: 1) create value for both your customers and you by delivering beneficial financial resources to them, and 2) strengthen the customers’ trust in you by delivering a world-class customer experience that is surprisingly efficient, informative, and compassionate. Reach out to start a discussion on how we can grow together in an auto finance partnership!

In January of 2021 Tresl acquired a minority interest in Saas Fintech leader, CreditSnap. In addition, Tresl and CreditSnap formed a strategic alliance to bring an innovative joint product proposition to market known as “BankingAmplified”. This unique new offering is designed to support Banks, Credit Unions and Lending Institutions in achieving their digitization and customer growth goals in a turnkey approach. If you’re a lender looking to add Fintech capabilities to your current offering, BankingAmplified may be the perfect solution!

Learn more about the Tresl and CreditSnap Alliance.

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